What we did

Brand Strategy
Visual Identity
Verbal Identity
Image Direction

Associate Art Director:
Tau Fernandes

Alex Libotte

Project Manager:
Carol Brandão
About the project

At REBU, we make brands that change businesses. Client wanted to launch another Brazilian swimwear brand for kids - mehhh. We changed their minds and came up with a brand that fits all seasons with a stronger purpose: to call out kids to enjoy the outdoors. Woog was born.

About us
REBU is award-winning branding and design consultancy that combines strategy and intuition to come up with powerful stories and beautiful experiences. In short, REBU means disorder, instability, chaos. It’s also an acronym for Revolutionary, Elegant, Brazilian and Unique: four adjectives to describe the work and essence of Pedro Mattos and Fernando Andreazi, creative directors and founders.

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